Attack of the Biebster…

It only seems like yesterday that he was sliding around bowling alleys serenading young girls with chorus’ of “Baby, baby, baby ohhh,” but it appears that testosterone has finally kicked in as Justin Bieber has officially been involved in his first physical altercation with a paparazzo!!

Justin Bieber Photographer Scuffle
The “Boyfriend” singer, 18, was involved in a scuffle with Jose Sarros as he left a shopping mall in Calabasas in late May with girlfriend Selena Gomez, 19. Although no real details have been released, sources have revealed that the Biebster became agitated when the photographer blocked his car as he tried to leave with his beour. Sarros, complained of upper abdominal pains following the run in with JB.
The photographer called 911 and was taken to a local hospital by ambulance. By the time the police arrived, both Bieber and Gomez had left the scene and although no official report has been released, police are said to have stated that there were “no visible injuries” to the man.

Personally, I can’t help but feel sorry for the dude. I mean, first some keraazy woman claims she was impregnated by the Biebs backstage at his tour, and now some barmy paparazzo is claiming that he was assaulted by him which in fairness is highly unlikely. My granny would probably do more harm to him. We await with abated breath as to whether Justin could possibly face time in PRISON! Somehow I think it could be more disturbing than Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video…


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