Bootyliscious BFs

By Shauna Cleary and Jamie Tuohy

A couple of weeks ago I reported that Kim Kardashian’s new relationship with rapper Kanye West was blossoming but recent reports have suggested that their relationship has been causing tension amongst the rapper’s closest friends Jay Z and his superstar wife Beyoncé.

Beyoncé KK MemeIt was alleged that the 30-year-old singer was less than happy about reality star Kim infiltrating their group, which is highly exclusive and shies away from the tabloid circus that Kim Kardashian earns her living from. Apparently, Beyoncé felt that Kim was “trashy” and had earned her fame based on no discernible talent. Although Kim is a massive fan of the “Crazy in Love” singer, Beyoncé’s no nonsense approach to her work means that she values and looks for the same hard-working qualities in her friends and this is one of the reasons why her fans in particular are less than pleased about this new friendship.

However, following a dinner organised by Kanye, it appears that Beyoncé has finally accepted Kim into her tight-knit group – calling into question previous media reports. The pair were spotted supporting their other halves and enjoying each others company at the Birmingham “Watch The Throne” show on Sunday night. Keen to earn the respect of the notoriously private singer, Kim hasn’t been tweeting pictures, revealing any gossip about their encounters or acting like a fan around Beyoncé. However this didn’t stop excited fans in the audience capturing and tweeting pictures of the pair shying away from the cameras at the concert. The pair looked beautiful as ever with Beyoncé sporting a white t-shirt, leather trousers and her hair in her trademark curls. KK also dressed down for the occasion in a plain black dress and a slicked back ponytail. Beyonce and KK Hanging Out

Kim is the queen of self-promotion and is probably the most influential reality star in the world, but she knows that Beyoncé doesn’t view her chosen career with too much admiration and the fans are wary of that. Personally we say that Beyoncé is a big girl and whether or not she wants to be friends with Kim is up to her! The singer’s fans need to take a backseat on this one! We just wonder is the world prepared for this much bootylisciousness in one room!?!


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