Top 10 Most Memorable T.V Shows for 90s Kids Part 1

1. “III dropped the screeewwww in the TUNA!!”

Forget yo Drake and Josh, when we were kids Kenan and Kel was THE show of the 90s. And what better episode was there than “The Tainting of the Screw.” When Kenan almost chokes on a screw in his can of tuna, he launches a lawsuit against the Luna Tuna company worth $10 million, only for Kel to confess in the courtroom to the crime by repeatedly screaming “IIII DROPPED THE SCREWWWW IN THE TUNA!” And who can forget the “Who loves orange soda?” gig? Priceless.

I dropped the screw in the tuna- Kenan and Kel

2. “Go Home Roger!!

Identical twins separated at birth and reunited in adolescence, Tia and Tamera in Sister Sister is a highlight for any 90s kid’s television experience! And what better catchphrase to remind us of the show than neighbour Roger being told “Go Home Roger!!” by various household members in numerous episodes! Craziness! 

GO HOME ROGER - Tia and Tamara

3. His Royal Freshness…

Back to back reruns on Nickelodeon of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air = 90s kid for liiffee! If you remember sitting on your couch rapping along to the theme song of this show then you had the best childhood viewing experience ever. Also Will Smith posters were plastered across your bedroom and Jazz being thrown out of the house was one of your fondest memories of the show!

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air
4.  Baby Banter…

Rugrats has to be one of every child’s favourite cartoons. When Tommy took out his screwdriver you knew shit was going to go down. Also Angelica was the sneakiest bitch of all time and the Rugrats movie was the best production ever made. Not to forget playing the Rugrats Game Boy game when you wanted a break from Pokemon.  The Rugrats

5. Hey Arnold

A nine year old kid with a head shaped like an American football and pyjamas that made him look like he was wearing a kilt dealing with social, personal and urban issues?? What better introduction could you get than that?? No further explanation needed… MOVE IT FOOTBALLHEAD!!

Hey Arnold!!



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