Olympic Divers 2012: They Just Wanna Make You Wet…

So yeah… the Olympics are great. Woooooooo everyone is so good at sport. Yay!!! No.

If you are a girl then over the past few weeks you’ve probably watched the events, read the tweets and pretended that you have any clue really as to whats been going on in the various events. You probably got a couple of days in, hung around for a bit of b-ball, soccer, mainly sports that you can identify with having been forced to play in the early years of your life when there was no make-up to sweat off or nail polish to chip. However, if you DO happen to be one of these girls and are finding these Olympics quite the bore then fear not!! Luckily for you there is a bright side to this never ending story of people exercising more in 3 minutes then you have ever done in your life. Keep Calm, Diving is Here. BUT, we don’t really care about the diving but more so the diverrrs. So ladies, put 50 Shades of Grey back on that shelf and let me introduce you to your eye-candy for the coming week…

1. Tom Daley

Tom Daley

I actually feel quite the creep writing this due to the fact that I was convinced he was 16. BUT according to Wikipedia Tom Daley is 18 and legal and therefore we can freely talk about his amazing stomach without feeling like a pedophile. The lad made his first Olympic appearance in Beijing four years ago and has burst back onto the Olympic scene this year with a brand new six-pack in his cooler. NOM. Unfortunately he does have a girlfriend but hey, us girls can dream…

(Although his diving partner Peter Waterfield doesn’t make our top 3, we can just stare at their amazing six-packs here instead…)
Tom Daley Six-pack


2.  Chris Mears

Chris Mears

Yet another Team GB Diver but we like to keep them close to home so it’s acceptable. 19-year-old Chris started diving when his Mum sent him to lessons due to the fact he couldn’t stop jumping around the house when he was younger…how cute!! Seriously challenges Tom Daley in the looks department and is just so, so beautiful. Enough said.


3. David Boudia


David Bouda

I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but I think this guy is really hot. David Boudia is a team USA diver. The 23-year-old and his diving partner Nick McCrory took home bronze in the synchronised diving at this years Olympics (that’s why I have an idea he exists.)

So there we have it, another Olympic day of being shallow has passed. If Fifty Shades isn’t getting you buzzed then try watching these three. Or maybe you could just pause the T.V when they appear. BBC promises it will leave you feeling soaking wet… because you’re watching the diving in HD obviously…



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