Olympic Divers Join List of Athletes to Sport Olympic Tattoos…

Tom Daley, Chris Mears and Sarah Barrow have joined the exclusive group of 2012 Olympic athletes to have the Olympic symbol tattooed on their bodies. The trio posted the picture on Twitter and Facebook with Daley tweeting “I finally have my Olympic tattoo…I will post a pic later!!!” with Barrow adding “So I got an Olympic tattoo :D”  

Tom Daley Olympic Tattoo
Sarah Barrow, Tom Daley and Chris Mears

Their new ink means they follow in the footsteps of several athletes who have undergone the pain to commemorate the significance of their achievements in the global event.

Illya Kvasha of Ukraine sports the Olympic rings on her shoulder with American swimming gold-medalist Ryan Lochte displaying the tattoo on his arm à la Tom Daley and fellow Team USA swimmer Stephanie Rice with “Beijing 2008/London 2012” tattooed underneath her own version. Her parents are probably hoping she doesn’t make it to Rio 2016…

My favourite tattoo of all? Sarah Barrow. Right on the ribs, you go Glen Coco… Just remember kids, think before you ink!!

Stephanie Rice Tattoo
Team USA Stephanie Rice
Ukranian Olypic Tattoo
Illya Kvasha of Ukraine
Ryan Lochte Tattoo
Ryan Lochte Team USA

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