Tom Daley’s “Girlfriend,” Who is Kassidy Cook??

Since the Olympics began Team GB Diver Tom Daley has peaked to ultimate pin-up status with his glowing tan, sparkling teeth and perfect abs. All this has culminated in “Tom Daley,” “Tom Daley Six-Pack” and”Does Tom Daley have a girlfriend?” being the most searched TD related items on the internet. Although no reports have been confirmed, I regret to inform the entire teenage population around the world that it would appear Tom is in a relationship, however I aim to provide you with all you need to know about 17-year-old Kassidy Cook who has stolen the heart of the 18-year-old Olympic Diver and British nation.
Tom Daley/ Kassidy Cook Girlfriend

Born in Florida and raised in Texas, Kassidy started diving at a young age where she met Tom at various diving competitions. Having missed out on a spot at the London Olympics due to a dislocated shoulder, Kassidy touched down in London following rumoured love interest Tom’s bronze medal performance at the Games to celebrate with friends.

Tom Daley Girlfriend Kassidy Cook
Rumours of a romance surfaced when Tom tweeted Cook wishing her a speedy recovery just before the Olympics began and Kassidy tweeting a picture of the pair when they were just 13-years-old. The rumour mill then went into overdrive when the American beauty attended the Lion King performance in Covent Garden on August 15th with Daley and tweeted a picture of the pair looking cosy after the play. The duo then hit London town following Tom’s A Level results being released in which he obtained a A in Spanish and Maths and an A* in Photography and were seen leaving the Funky Buddha hand in hand.

Along with the success of a good-looking international pin-up comes legions of fans and whether or not the reports that have been suggested are true, Miss Cook has already become a target for over-enthusiastic, protective and downright obsessive TD fans from around the world.

If you ask our opinion, fans need to calm down. Following the heat and over-publicized two weeks the athletes endured during the Olympics one can only imagine that what they do in their spare time in the weeks to follow to unwind and relax should stay their business without the intrusion of internet trolls on bitch patrol. However, we do await with interest more details of the cuteness that is the Tom/Kassidy relationship, which by the way, is still a better love story than Twilight :-P.
Tom Daley/ Kassidy Cook Girlfriend


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