What Happens In Vegas,Goes On the Internet. Naked Pictures of Prince Harry Leaked…

Our favourite Royal Prince Harry has been caught up in a rather unfortunate and awkward situation after images of his crown jewels have been posted on celebrity entertainment website TMZ.
Prince Harry Naked Pictures
Clearly enjoying himself too much as he partied in his penthouse suite in Las Vegas’ five-star Wynn Hotel with friends, Harry can be seen cavorting naked around his hotel room with an unidentified and also nude female. According to the website, the young Royal and his entourage picked up some “hot chicks” at the bar of the hotel and continued the party back at his suite later on in the night.

In one photo the Prince is seen hiding his genitals as a clearly topless woman stands behind him and in another he is seen bear-hugging another naked female… as you do.

After two weeks of looking sweet and innocent at the Olympics, it’s hard to blame the lad for wanting to let his bits loose. But when your Granny is the Queen of England, it becomes slightly more embarrassing…

A spokesperson for the Royal family said “We have no comment to make on the photos at this time.”

Prince Harry Naked Pictures
Courtesy of TMZ

The Prince has since returned to England amid the controversy to undertake his military duties. We have a feeling he’s in for a royal spanking… and not the type he may have become accustomed to in Vegas…

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