Top 5 Foods for 90s Kids…

5) Bubble Tape:

Why have a packet of gum when you could have a ROLL!?! If you didn’t have one of these bad boys to constantly chew on, you had no hope of surviving on the playground. It didn’t even taste like anything apart from artificial strawberry but we had fun cutting it and playing with it so it really doesn’t matter…

4)Baby Bottle Pop

An addictive sweet with an even more addictive and annoying television ad. Not to mention the awkwardness of trying to walk around sucking on this bad boy all day. A good childhood memory nonetheless…

3) Sunny D:

Technically a drink, not a food but if you had this in your lunch bottle in school, you knew you were one fly kid. I distinctly remember this tasted nothing like orange juice, but it came in a cool bottle so we didn’t really care.


2) Fat Frog

So good that they made it into an alcoholic drink so that 90s kids could continue their love of the appley goodness long after the ice-cream was discontinued. Rumoured to be making a sneaky HB comeback.



1) BN BN:

Quite possibly the most amazing food ever created EVER. A whole packet could be diminished in the space of two hungry siblings finding them in the press.. It was genuinely impossible for any child to hold the packet in their hand without singing the annoying theme tune. So important in a 90s child’s life that it has it’s own Wikipedia page. Aw yeah.


One thought on “Top 5 Foods for 90s Kids…

  1. I remember everyone at school being obsessed with Sunny D and then that story came out about a kid drinking so much of it, he turned orange…I never seen anyone drink it since lol 😀 yay for the return of fat frogs!

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