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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Where Are They Now??

“In western Europe,we were born and raised,
On the playground where we spent most of our days,
Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool,
And all watchin’ some Fresh Prince after  school.”Fresh Prince Cast

Following Will Smith’s now infamous performance on The Graham Norton Show  last week, many were left wondering what had happened to our favourite stars of hit 90s show Fresh Prince. Well I have managed to track them down and so I present to you, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Where Are They Now? 

  • Will Smith 

Will Smith Then and Now

A nearly bankrupt Will Smith became the star of this hit TV show in 1990 and he graced our screens for six glorious years. Following the show, Smith found international fame with movies such as Independence Day, Men In Black, The Pursuit of Happiness and i, Robot but to name a few. Whether he’s busy creating these amazing characters on screen,  keeping on top of rap career or living the high life with his superstar family (including a singing daughter Willow, rapper son Jaden and actress wife Jada Pinkett) Will never fails to remind us of his cheeky humour which made him famous as the “Fresh Prince” of the 90s.

  • Alfonso Ribeiro

Alfonso Ribeiro Then and Now

The special guest during Will Smith’s Graham Norton performance, it was difficult to forget Alfonso Ribeiro’s all singing, all dancing portrayal of Will’s cousin Carlton Banks on the show. Following this role, Alfonso went on to star in shows such as In The House and Things We Do For Love, as well as a stint on the American show Dancing With the Stars. He has been married twice and divorced once and is expecting a baby with his second wife.

  • Tatyana Ali

Ashley Banks Then and Now

Starting out as a young freshed face Ashley Banks, fans of the show watched Tatyana Ali blossom into a young woman during its six seasons. Following her successful singing career in which her song Daydreamin’ was certified gold in 1999 and obtaining a college degree  from Harvard University in 2002, Tatyana starred in hit TV show, The Young and the Restless and is currently starring in the TV series Second Generation Wayans. 

  • Karyn Parsons 

Hilary Banks Then And Now

Pretty, pretentious Hilary Banks remained a household favourite for many fans between 1990 and 1996. Karyn Parsons portrayal of the dizzy, spoilt older cousin of Will forever ensured countless laughs and inevitable disastrous situations. Although she didn’t star in many TV shows after the show ended, Parsons set up her own film company Sweet Blackberry. She married The Young and the Restless star Randy Brooks in the 90s but the pair later divorced. She has since remarried director Alexandre Rockwell and the pair have two children.

  • James Avery

James Avery (Uncle Phil) Then and Now

Undoubtedly the relationship between Uncle Phil and his children and nephew was the backbone of the Fresh Prince. Unlike his first on-screen wife, Avery lasted the six seasons of the show whilst also voicing the character of Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Since then Avery has had an extremely successful  career  in both acting and voicing with appearances in shows such as Sparks, The Division, The Closer and Things We Do For Love. He has been married to his wife Barbara since 1988. Sadly James Avery passed away on the 31st December 2013. May he rest in peace.

  • Janet Hubert

Janet Hubert Then and Now (Aunt Viv)

The first Vivian Banks left the show after three seasons in 1993 after a reported violation of contract after she became pregnant. Although she was fired from the show, her pregnancy was built into the storyline and thus the character of Nicky Banks was created.  After unsuccessfully suing both Will Smith and NBC in 1994, Hubert was described as being incredibly hard to work with and is now a face for the National Osteoporosis Foundation in America.

  • Daphne Reid

Daphne Reid Then And Now

Following the departure of Hubert, Daphne Reid stepped up to take the role of Aunt Viv. Since Fresh Prince, Reid has starred in Eve and Sister, Sister and she is married to the man who plays the father Ray in the latter in real life. The pair have their own film company, New Millennium Studios.


  • Joseph Marcell

Jeffrey Fresh Prince  Then and Now

British actor Joseph Marcell won hearts all over America as the Banks’ English butler Geoffrey. Marcell returned back to his native homeland and has had appearances on shows such as The Bold and the Beautiful and Eastenders. He has also starred in a number of Shakespearean productions including Much Ado About Nothing and Richard III. 

  • Ross Bagley

Ross Bagley Then and Now

Apart from his role as the adorable Nicky Banks in the show, Bagley also starred as Buckwheat in The Little Rascals. He graduated from college in 2012 and has had appearances in Independence Day with Will Smith as well as Judging Amy and The Wild Thornberrys.

  • DJ Jazzy Jeff

DJ Jazzy Jeff Then and Now

Jazz’s visits to the Banks residence would inevitably lead to his quick departure courtesy of Uncle Phil. DJ Jazzy is best known for his hip-hop career in America and became one half of the hip-hop duo DJ Jazzy and the Fresh Prince with co-star Will Smith. The pair had several gold and platinum-selling albums and singles and even won  the first rap Grammy Award ever presented in 1989 for Parents Just Don’t Understand. 


Top 10 Most Memorable T.V Shows for 90s Kids Part 1

1. “III dropped the screeewwww in the TUNA!!”

Forget yo Drake and Josh, when we were kids Kenan and Kel was THE show of the 90s. And what better episode was there than “The Tainting of the Screw.” When Kenan almost chokes on a screw in his can of tuna, he launches a lawsuit against the Luna Tuna company worth $10 million, only for Kel to confess in the courtroom to the crime by repeatedly screaming “IIII DROPPED THE SCREWWWW IN THE TUNA!” And who can forget the “Who loves orange soda?” gig? Priceless.

I dropped the screw in the tuna- Kenan and Kel

2. “Go Home Roger!!

Identical twins separated at birth and reunited in adolescence, Tia and Tamera in Sister Sister is a highlight for any 90s kid’s television experience! And what better catchphrase to remind us of the show than neighbour Roger being told “Go Home Roger!!” by various household members in numerous episodes! Craziness! 

GO HOME ROGER - Tia and Tamara

3. His Royal Freshness…

Back to back reruns on Nickelodeon of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air = 90s kid for liiffee! If you remember sitting on your couch rapping along to the theme song of this show then you had the best childhood viewing experience ever. Also Will Smith posters were plastered across your bedroom and Jazz being thrown out of the house was one of your fondest memories of the show!

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air
4.  Baby Banter…

Rugrats has to be one of every child’s favourite cartoons. When Tommy took out his screwdriver you knew shit was going to go down. Also Angelica was the sneakiest bitch of all time and the Rugrats movie was the best production ever made. Not to forget playing the Rugrats Game Boy game when you wanted a break from Pokemon.  The Rugrats

5. Hey Arnold

A nine year old kid with a head shaped like an American football and pyjamas that made him look like he was wearing a kilt dealing with social, personal and urban issues?? What better introduction could you get than that?? No further explanation needed… MOVE IT FOOTBALLHEAD!!

Hey Arnold!!